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IFSS Graduate takes on Hollywood

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After the phenomenal success of his IFSS graduating project, The Falceto Jazz Club, which was screened at festivals internationally, Daniel Rogers has moved to Hollywood with big dreams.

Daniel Rogers graduated from IFSS in 2012 with an Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media. He has made enough waves with his graduating short film to bring him to Hollywood, where he is now based and is attached to a number of successful production companies.

His films, including his IFSS graduating film, The Falceto Jazz Club, have been screened at festivals all over the world, from Cinequest in SIllicon Valley, to Boston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, to Out Twin Cities Film Festival in Minnesota, as well as in Europe at Mezipatra Queer Film Festival, in India at Bangalore Queer Film Festival, and here in Australia at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival.

Daniel began his film career as an actor, but participating in a film for IFSS students was a turning point for him. It was this experience where for the first time as an actor, he felt like part of the crew and not confined to his role as an actor. The IFSS students on set taught him about all the key roles in a film crew, from directing to cinematography, and he felt was able to make more of a contribution to the finished product. From here, he decided that the best way for him to improve as an actor was to hone his skills as a film-maker.

As it turned out, he enjoyed directing more than he did acting. He tells us “as a director, I’m not creating the character. I’m creating the world the character inhabits, which is far more appealing.” Some of his favourite projects since graduating have been filming Ricki-Lee Coulter, directing a music video for rapper Kerser, as well as working on a project which involved directing Julia Gillard! As for the most memorable experience? Seeing one of his films mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter, which has made a huge difference to his career since moving to L.A, and taught him the importance of press.

What he misses most about IFSS, is the community of creative individuals that you’re constantly surrounded by. This is something he’s working to re-create at his new Hollywood base. When asked what advice he would give to budding film-makers, his passion for film is abundantly clear. “In this industry you really need to be able to appreciate everything, right down to the peeling paint around your 1960’s installed PowerPoint. Once you appreciate it, you can become obsessed with it and only when your obsessed can you give a perspective or opinion about it that redefines what it is.”

IFSS would like to congratulate Daniel on his success so far, and wish him all the best for what is shaping up to be a long and fruitful career as a filmmaker.

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